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Feb. 14 call in day to demand: Stop deportations! Legalization for all!

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February 12, 2013
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Legalization for All call-in day February 14
Legalization for All call-in day February 14

Tampa, FL – Immigrant rights activists across the country will be participating in a national call-in day, Feb. 14 to demand, “Stop deportations and legalization for all!”

A statement for event organizers says “On Feb. 5 President Obama was asked if he would edit his immigration policy to include stopping the deportations; President Obama refused. We will not accept this! No human being is illegal! This Valentine's Day, immigrant rights groups and allies across the nation will be having a national call-in-day to tell President Obama and the White House to ‘Stop breaking our hearts! Stop the deportations!’”

Hugo Sanabria of Tampa Dream Defenders says, "I will be calling in on Valentine's Day because as a community we owe it to each other to call in and attempt to make a difference in a family's life that might be in danger of deportation." Sanabria and his family emigrated from Mexico many years ago and like the 11 million other undocumented immigrants, could be deported at any minute.

Organizers of the call-in day say, “In 2012 over a record 409,000 immigrants were deported. The 'Senate bipartisan framework' isn't good enough - we want to push for genuine, progressive immigration reform.”

In recent weeks, immigrant rights and other progressive organizations from around the U.S. have signed on to a public statement about what should be in a plan for immigration reform. The statement urges: Legalization for all; no second-class guest worker programs; no to more militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border; and no increased workplace repression - everyone should have the right to work with dignity and labor rights.

Groups that have signed the statement include Centro CSO (Los Angeles, CA), Dream Defenders (Tampa, FL), Dream Defenders (University of Florida, Gainesville, FL), Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (Minneapolis, MN), Southern California Immigration Coalition (Los Angeles, CA) and Students for a Democratic Society - National Working Committee.

Organizers of the call in day are urging people to:

  • Call the White House at 202-456-1111, Feb. 14, starting at 9:00 a.m., Eastern Time
  • Follow this link and submit your demands:
  • Tweet this message: #StopTheDeportations #LegalizationForAll, no 2nd class ‘guest worker’, no border militarization! @BarackObama @WhiteHouse

For more information, click the Facebook event here:

Or email [email protected]