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Bachmann’s anti-gay clinic mocked and glittered by costumed ‘gay barbarians’

By staff |
July 22, 2011
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Minneapolis, MN - On July 21, ultra-right wing presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann’s husband’s clinic was overrun by costumed ‘gay barbarians,’ who grunted, threw glitter inside the clinic lobby and chanted, “You can’t pray away the gay - baby, I was born this way!”

Michelle Bachmann’s husband Marcus Bachmann runs Bachmann & Associates Clinic, which among other things claims to convert people away from homosexuality using thoroughly-discredited ‘reparative therapy,’ also known as 'conversion therapy' or 'ex-gay therapy.'

The theatrical protest was in response to Michelle Bachmann’s explicitly anti-gay political career as a state legislator, a congresswoman and now as a presidential candidate. Her husband Marcus Bachmann referred to gay people as “barbarians” and said he thinks they need to be “disciplined” to “cure” their homosexuality. His comments and his clinic have become a national controversy in the context of Michelle Bachmann’s presidential campaign.

Jumping into the controversy with a humorous twist, the group of gay barbarians descended on the clinic demanding to be “disciplined” by Marcus Bachmann, until they were asked to leave.

The gay barbarian protesters also noted additional Bachmann hypocrisy in their statement, pointing out, “While Michele Bachmann has long railed against federal safety net programs like Medicaid, the Bachmann & Associates clinic has received over $137,000 in Medicaid funds and over $27,000 in other state and federal funds.”

Recently, Michelle Bachmann has been uncharacteristically quiet about her anti-gay views and her husband’s clinic. But just last week, an undercover investigation confirmed that the Bachmann’s clinic is, to this very day, providing discredited ‘ex-gay reparative therapy.’ For years the scientific and medical communities, including groups like the American Psychology Association, have dismissed reparative therapy as dangerous and unethical.

The protest succeeded in drawing attention to Bachmann’s deceit in trying to hide the fact that her husband’s clinic engages in ‘ex-gay’ therapy, as well as to the hypocrisy of Bachmann’s attacks on programs like Medicaid at the same time that her family takes funds from those programs. One of protest organizers, Nick Espinosa, said, “Michele and Marcus Bachmann think gay people are barbarians? I think it’s clear to everyone who the real barbarians are, based on the Bachmanns’ archaic views on LGBT equality.”

Video of the gay barbarians at Marcus Bachmann’s clinic