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Anti-war Protesters Picket Office of Congressman Crowley

by Amanda Vender |
May 14, 2007
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Jackson Heights, NY- The Queens office of U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley (D-NY) was the site of a picket May 4 as constituents called for the congressman to introduce legislation to cut off funding for the war in Iraq and to impeach Bush and Cheney for war crimes. Picketers chanted, “Hey Joe Crowley, what are you waiting for? Impeach Bush and stop the war!” and other chants while circling and beating drums. A coffin standing on the sidewalk represented the growing number of U.S. troops and Iraqis killed in the war in Iraq.

Congressman Crowley has stated that he wants U.S. troops out of Iraq and that Bush misled the people in the lead up to the war. Picketers urged the congressman to act on his statements. “If Crowley is serious about his convictions he can support legislation by Representative Dennis Kucinich, H.R. 1234, to bring the troops home now,” said Ann Eagan of Sunnyside/Woodside Peace. The bill would use existing money to bring the troops and equipment home.

Demonstrators handed out flyers to passersby that urged people to contact Congressman Crowley and ask that he put forward legislation to stop funding the Iraq war and for impeachment. “The response from Jackson Heights residents was strong and supportive,” said Bob Fertik of “On the Iraq War, many said ‘the war is horrible’ and ‘we have to bring our soldiers home.’ On impeachment, several asked ‘why wasn't Bush impeached long ago?’”

The picket was organized by Sunnyside/Woodside Peace, West Queens Greens and World Can’t Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime/Jackson Heights. It was endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America and the Queens Antiwar Committee.

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