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The World Still Says No to War

3rd Anniversary of the War on Iraq

by Tracy Molm |
March 25, 2006
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4000 march in Minneapolis, MN
4000 march against the occupation of Iraq in Minneapolis, MN on March 18. (Fight Back! News/Brad Sigal)

To mark the third anniversary of the war, and now occupation, of Iraq, people around the globe marched, calling for U.S. troops to leave immediately. In Chicago, 10,000 protesters faced off against 1500 police in full riot gear during their evening march on Michigan Avenue on March 18. This was the first time in three years that organizers were able to get a permit to march on Michigan Avenue.

In Asheville, North Carolina, students marched two miles through rain and sleet to demand troops out of Iraq. For many, it was their first protest. “I think that everyone was able to put this minor hardship in the context of what the Iraqi people go through every day at the hands of U.S. and British occupiers,” said student organizer Kostas Harlan.

On March 18-20, people around the globe stood together in opposition to Bush’s war on terror and occupation of Iraq. Columbus, Ohio saw more than 800 people come out to protest in front of the statehouse and hear speeches about why U.S. troops need to leave.

And in Minneapolis, Minnesota 4,200 people came together to rally and march against the occupation. Much like in Chicago, Minneapolis organizers said the crowd was double the number as had come out the previous year. “It’s telling that more and more people are against the war. People who have always been against the war from the beginning are seeing that Bush isn’t going to leave until we stand together and demand, ‘Troops out now!’” said local organizer Sabry Wazwaz.