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CAN Calls National Days of Action for Colombia

"Boycott Killer Coke, No Blood for Oil!"
by staff |
October 30, 2004
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The Colombia Action Network has called for national days of action, Nov. 1 through Nov. 6, to support Colombian trade unionists and to stop Plan Colombia. Plan Colombia is the U.S. military aid package given to Colombia’s death squad government.

A statement from the Colombia Action Network (CAN) notes, "$3.1 billion is spent by the U.S. government for a dirty war against Colombia's poor. While Colombian military death squads kill trade unionists and peasant leaders, U.S. military personnel and contractors spray dangerous chemicals on peasant lands. The U.S. congress just doubled the number of U.S. military personnel and increased by 50% the 'private contractors' (mercenaries). Whatever the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, Bush's terror war will continue in Colombia with more poison, more death and more war."

The statement also calls for continuing the boycott of Coca-Cola, pointing out, "In response to the killing of nine trade unionists by Coca-Cola's death squads, some student groups have successfully kicked Coke off their campuses and more will do so this year. The popular campaign to 'Boycott Killer Coke!' has spread across the country. Some of the largest unions - Service Employees International Union and the American Postal Workers Union - passed resolutions to boycott Coke."

The CAN is introducing a new campaign: "Colombia: No Blood For Oil!" The CAN states, "Like the war in Iraq, the U.S. conducts a dirty war in Colombia to seize oil…USO, the Colombian Oil Workers Union, the most important union in Colombia, recently won a strike to stop privatization of Colombia's oil industry. USO is asking for our support and we are organizing to stop Plan Colombia."

To participate in the national days of action, the Colombia Action Network is urging activists to organize events, pass out leaflets and get petitions signed. For more information, go to the web site of the Colombia Action Network at