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Poor Picket Minnesota Governor Mansion, Demand 'Undo the Welfare Cuts'

by staff |
August 6, 2004
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Protesters at governor's mansion
Welfare Rights Committee protesting welfare cuts in front of the governor's mansion, Aug. 3, 2004. (Fight Back! News/Kim DeFranco)

St Paul, MN - “One year ago, our families in poverty were slashed to the bone by Governor Pawlenty and company in order to protect tax breaks to the richest in this state,” said Kim Hosmer, of the Welfare Rights Committee to protesters assembled in front of the governor’s mansion, Aug. 3. The protest marked the one-year anniversary of some of the worst welfare cuts in Minnesota history.

A statement form the Welfare Rights Committee noted, “Last year politicians balanced the budget on the backs of the poor by cutting the MFIP (Minnesota’s welfare program) grants by $125 if we have a disabled member in their household. They also cut another $50 out of the MFIP grant if we lived in Section 8 or public housing. There were many other attacks that were put out on our families: like childcare cuts, health care cuts and co-pays and attacks on us trying to get an education.”

This year the Welfare Rights Committee pushed legislation to undo some of the worst cuts and raise taxes on corporations. Sharp conflicts between the Democrats and the Republicans led to a legislative stalemate. While it is possible that a special session of the legislature could be called, it is unlikely.

Hosmer vows that the Welfare Rights Committee will continue the battle. “ Poor and working people will not take these attacks against them. We will continue to unite as one and defeat the rich man’s war on poor and working people!” she declared.