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Immigrant Workers, Rank-and-File Teamsters Continue to Battle Traitors in Union Office

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September 15, 2004
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Chicago, IL - Workers laid off from their jobs at a Bedford Park factory are continuing their fight to win fair compensation. 175 former employees of the Silver Capital Corporation have picketed, held a one-day strike and even rallied outside the union offices for their cause. On Sept. 15, 35 workers went to the National Labor Relations Board and filed charges against the sell-out leadership of Teamster Local 743.

The Silver Capital Corporation closed their plant on Friday, Sept. 10.

The severance package obtained by the leaders of Teamster Local 743 for the workers was minimal. Workers with seventeen years in the plant get $700; anyone with less than six years in the plant gets nothing.

The workers were denied the right to vote on the compensation package that the union representative, Jose Galvan, negotiated with the company’s owners. The workers are demanding that the union officials reopen negotiations for a better compensation package.

The workers, mostly Mexican immigrants, will continue to be supported by the reform group, the Teamsters Local 743 New Leadership Slate. Richard Berg, nominated this weekend as presidential candidate for the 743 New Leadership Slate, stated, “We will seek every legal remedy to aid these workers.”

Marcela Garcia is one of the longest-term employees in the plant. She is a leader in this fight, and has joined the 743 New Leadership Slate to run for union office against the current officers. On Sept. 12, she spoke to her co-workers, “It’s not fair, and we won’t stop fighting until we get justice for all.” About the current officers of the union, she said, “They sold us out.”

In a new development, it was announced that the factory is not closing. Rather, it has changed its name and is now hiring workers for minimum wage through a day labor agency.