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UIC Contract Song

by Ron Hamilton |
February 1, 2004
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To the tune of R. Kelly’s Thoia Thoing song, adapted by Ron Hamilton. Hamilton is a member of Local 73 SEIU at University of Illinois Chicago and an activist in the new Technical Workers bargaining unit. Last year, 300 Techs in the UIC Medical Center voted to join Local 73. They scored a victory and settled their first contract as Fight Back! was preparing to publish. Hamilton performed this song at a rally of over 100 workers in front of the University of Illinois Hospital on Taylor Street in October.

A contract is what we need
Stop stalling and give it to us UIC
(2 x)

For whom may need to know
We’re not taking no more
Of actions like before
Now we at your door
Picket signs are up
For not respecting us
Now we had enough
And Techs are just fed up

Now we all up on Taylor Street (Lor Street)
Singing loud and stomping our feet (our feet)
We want a contract UIC (IC)
And R-E-S-P-E-C-T

And now we singing — (Chorus)

I saw some Techs walking down the hall
Looking very pleased I said “what’s up with ya”
They said we finally getting the chance to organize
So UIC we’re no longer scared of ya
Saving money cause of the way Techs work it
But steady working like we working for a circus
You can’t deny that we do a good service
Because is shows that we do a good service

And now we singing — (Chorus)

We make a lot of noise (NOW)
When you start neglecting us (NOW)
All that we asking from you guys (NOW)
Is start showing Techs some love (NOW)
Last year we didn’t get no increases (NOW)
That just taking it too far (NOW)
You need to start respecting employees (NOW)
And appreciate who we are

And now we singing — (Chorus)