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Los Lobos Jams in Concert in Los Angeles

by Carlos Montes |
July 1, 2001

Los Angeles, CA - It was a great jam session, with Los Lobos playing their original songs, traditional Mexican music, some rock and Chicano blues till 12 a.m., May 7, at our own East L.A. College.

The whole Chicano community was represented, with both the young and the old enjoying the original Chicano sounds. There was a true feeling of solidarity and pride in our culture. The night was a time and place where we could temporarily be free of the racism and the stress we face in the city - a city with its problems of drugs, bad education, police abuse and bad living conditions. That night we could all proudly say we are Chicano this is our music and we are proud of it y que! The concert also included Quetzal and ELA Sabor Factory, who later jammed with Los Lobos.

The concert was put on by Chicano educators to raise money for scholarships for Chicano youth in our local high schools. Our youth face high push-out rates from high school and even higher at the college level. So this event had a dual purpose - to support education for our youth and to showcase our great Chicano musicians.

Chicano music from East L.A. has a long history highlighted in the books "Barrio Rhythms" and "Land of a Thousand Dances." Today, new bands continue to promote our unique Chicano music combining traditional sounds with the new urban sounds. They promote our unique Chicano culture.

Our Chicano culture is part of the foundation of what makes us the nation of Aztlan. Our unique culture and music was developed over many years in the Southwest. Along with our common language, history, economy and state of mind we are a nation in the Southwest U.S. Our culture and real freedom and democracy will only be achieved when we as a nation win self-determination.

Self-determination for the Chicano Nation of Aztlan! If you want to organize for self-determination, call our community center at Centro CSO (323) 221-4000.