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Tenants Resist Snap Eviction in Minneapolis

by staff |
March 1, 2000
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Minneapolis, MN - Low-income tenants of the Rodeway Inn won a victory! On March 31, Hennepin County Housing Court ruled that homeless families living in the building could stay for another 30 days. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is buying the building and plans to turn it into a parking lot for museum patrons.

Word was, building owners were preparing to carry out a mass eviction April 2. Everyone was in an uproar. Management did not give notice. The residents had 5 days to stop the eviction. About 40 families were living there.

Chili George, Rodeway resident and member of the Welfare Rights Committee (WRC), organized tenants to force the Rodeway management, directors of the Art Institute, and city and county officials to deal with the demands of the mistreated homeless families.

The WRC turned up the heat on management and government officials, with a series of protests and press conferences - including one demonstration where more than 40 angry people marched into the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on 'Family Day,' chanting "No Justice, No, Peace!"